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0Xc0000076 Error in Windows ten

The 0xc0000076 error is caused by a absence of a “library” on Windows, commonly Visual C++, DirectX or similar.

The error displays when you are attempting to operate a “huge” software such as a sport or some kind of graphics software. It is caused mainly because the software will need an ingredient from the library, which is both not installed or not accessible on your technique.

The error will commonly show as “0xc0000076” or more normally “0xc000007b” error, cited immediately after the software attempts to load.

The way to resolve this challenge is to assure that you have the suitable library / dependencies demanded by the software to operate. It need to resolve ninety% of the troubles with the error.

Lead to

The normal error message for the 0xc0000076 error is as follows:

The software unsuccessful to initialize thoroughly (0xc0000076)

The critical to correcting this is to comprehend that every software on Windows calls for a sequence of “libraries” or “dependencies” to assistance it operate.

These libraries are saved on the hard push as DLL data files, programs such as DirectX and “redistributable” deals such as Visual C++. Although Microsoft distributes most of the most popular libraries, there are a range presented by other providers way too.

The base line of the 0xc0000076 error is that your technique is not able to load the dependencies demanded to operate the software.

Alternative Ways

1. Reinstall Visual C++

Visual C++ is commonly the culprit in this article. It is a collection of courses distributed by Microsoft to assistance improve the operation of Windows.

However, like several points “Microsoft”, they’ve overcomplicated it – producing VC++ a fully 3rd celebration down load and splitting up amongst distinctive versions, every of which has to be downloaded in get to give the demanded operation.

However, it is normally the case that even if the suitable VC++ is installed, it turns into destroyed or corrupted, avoiding programs from studying it correctly.

The initially stage to correcting the 0xc0000076 error, as a result, is to assure you’ve installed the most recent versions of the demanded VC++ redistributable deals…

    • In Windows 7, click on to “Start off” &gt “Management Panel” &gt “Include / Remove Packages”
    • In Windows 10, correct-click on to “Start off” / “Windows” button &gt decide on “Packages and Options”
    • From the listing that seems, decide on any versions of “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable”, and Note DOWN their calendar year range (this is significant)
    • Right after noting down the many years, you need to then correct-click every of the listings and decide on “Uninstall”
    • Right after uninstalling them, restart your Laptop
    • Right after restart, you will have to have to browse to Google and seem for “Microsoft most recent visual C++ deals”
    • For every of the “many years” that you observed down prior to, down load the suitable down load and put in.

A brief observe on this topic – when you down load every VC++ bundle, you will be questioned regardless of whether you want the “x64” or “x86” version. This corresponds to the “architecture” of your technique.If you are not confident which version of Windows you have, you have to have to do the adhering to:

    • Press “Windows” + “R” keys on your keyboard
    • In the “Run” dialogue, style “dxdiag” and press “Enter”
    • When DXDiag displays, seem for the “Running System” listing
    • Acquire observe of regardless of whether it is really 64-bit or 32-bit – 64-bit is x64 and 32-bit is x86
    • From there, you need to put in the a variety of VC++ deals and then allow it operate.

two. Update DirectXNext, you have to have to update DirectX.

DirectX is a main ingredient of Windows which enables your technique to operate 3D graphics and so on.

However, due to several video games and so on putting their own versions of DirectX data files on to your technique, it is normally the case that programs will show a huge range of errors and so on with it.

If this is the case, you will want to put in the “update” to DirectX which need to change any of the possibly destroyed data files it may possibly have…

    • Click on to “Google” and seem for “DirectX Down load” – click the initially website link
    • Click on the orange “Down load” button
    • Click “No thanks and keep on”
    • Preserve the file to your hard push
    • Open up the software and click through the system (make confident you never settle for the “Bing Bar” scamware)
    • Enable it put in the data files demanded to update DirectX
    • Restart your Laptop

The moment your Laptop has restarted, you need to move forward to the up coming stage.3. Reinstall.Internet

.Internet is similar to the higher than two dependencies, in that it presents a huge range of functions, data files and options demanded to get Windows doing work thoroughly.

However, like the some others, it can come to be destroyed or corrupted. If this is the case, you will want to update it to the most recent version, which can be finished with the adhering to:

    • In Windows 7, click on to “Start off” &gt decide on “Management Panel” &gt “Include / Remove Packages”
    • In Windows 10, correct-click on to “Start off” / “Windows” button &gt decide on “Packages and Options”
    • From the dialogue that displays, click on “Convert Windows functions on or off” – Uncheck “.Internet 3.5” and “.Internet 4.six.two” and then click “Okay”
    • Enable the uninstall system materialize &amp restart your Laptop
    • Right after restart, you will want to seem on Google for “.internet world-wide-web installer”
    • Click the orange “Down load” button and then move forward to put in the bundle.

This will change any of the.Internet framework data files which may possibly be destroyed or corrupted on the technique. This will fundamentally reset the greater part of dependencies on your technique which *could* be destroyed.More to this, you will also want to assure any “registry” errors are cleaned out on your Laptop…

4. Thoroughly clean Out Registry Problems

Registry errors are caused when the Windows “registry” turns into destroyed or corrupted.

The registry is a central databases which Windows uses to retail store all the options and choices your technique calls for to operate.

This databases is liable for every little thing from your desktop wallpaper to consumer avatar. However, it can come to be destroyed or corrupted – avoiding your Laptop from staying in a position to read through the options it calls for.

To fix this, you will be very best cleansing it out with a “registry cleaner”:

    • Down load a trustworthy registry cleaner software (I only recommend CCleaner in 2018 which is accessible from “Piriform” – just Google “CCleaner Down load”)
    • Install the software and load it up
    • Enable it scan the registry of your technique (other areas like Junk Information never make any difference so substantially)
    • Right after the scan, clean / eliminate any of the issues it found
    • Restart your Laptop

This not only guarantees you are in a position to fix any of the potential issues that your laptop may possibly have, but it also guarantees that you are in a position to operate the courses efficiently.5. Thoroughly clean Out Malware &amp Reinstall Graphics Driver

If the higher than steps never do the job, the up coming is to reinstall your system’s graphics driver (of course, this is a valid lead to of the error).

To do this, you will want to down load “DDU” (Display screen Driver Uninstaller) from Guru3D. This gets rid of **all** of the graphics driver application that your technique will have installed…

    • Click on to the DDU down load site: (you will have to Google “DDU Down load”)
    • Preserve the file to your technique
    • Restart your Laptop into “Risk-free Method”

To do this, there are varying methods dependent on which version of Windows you are working:

    • In Windows 7, click on “Start off” &gt “Restart”
    • When your technique restarts, press F8 consistently on the keyboard prior to anything commences to load
    • This will carry up the “State-of-the-art Boot Possibilities” menu from which you have to have to decide on “Risk-free Method”
    • In Windows 10, click on “Start off” / “Windows” button (base still left corner)
    • Decide on the “Electric power” button – Keeping Change, press “Restart”
    • This will carry up the blue “Restoration Natural environment” display screen.
    • From in this article, select “Troubleshoot” &gt “State-of-the-art Possibilities” &gt “Startup Options” &gt “Restart”
    • When the technique reboots, it will load the “State-of-the-art Boot Possibilities” display screen from which you will be in a position to select “Risk-free Method” From in this article, you will enter “Risk-free Method”.
    • You have to have to click on to the DDU software you downloaded and then allow it operate.
    • You are going to want to select “Thoroughly clean and Restart (Advisable)”.

This will completely eliminate the graphics driver, which *need to* resolve any remaining occurrences of the error. Enable the technique restart into “regular” manner and then try loading the software once again.The moment in “regular” manner, you will have to get the graphics driver installed once again. In Windows 10, this will commonly be finished instantly. The point is that if you have some customized driver, it may possibly be causing some kind of conflicts, which will be solved by absolutely removing it with DDU.

If the higher than would not do the job, you may possibly have a deeper issue inside of Windows.

Aside from utilizing a more highly effective error cleaner software, you may possibly benefit from looking for more distinct assistance. To do this, I would advocate both looking at a restore male (who’ll have *accurately* the very same tips as me), or inquiring online.


There are several services which can do this. These are free and fundamentally give you the capacity to receive assistance unique to your error/challenge without the need of possessing to wait for the generic assist made available by most outdated “tech assist” services.


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